SALVADOR  MORENO, Architect was born in SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE, in 1952 as all his predecessors have been for several generations. 

San Miguel El Grande ( today San Miguel de Allende ) had been founded in 1542.

Don ALONSO MORENO Y MOREZON, arrived to "San Miguel El Grande" in 1560, he was one of the earliest arrivals from Toledo, Spain, who formed a family here, and the first legendary ancestor of our now famous Architect SALVADOR ERNESTO MORENO.

Yes, Architect SALVADOR MORENO is indeed a LAND-MARK in this international, & beautiful city of SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE,.which is in the center of Mexico, and visited by thousands of foreigners and nationals because its Enchanting Athmosphere, Architecture, Culture, History, Weather, but principaly by his friendly people.

SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE was declared a Cultural World Heritage Site of the Humanity on July 30th. 2008, by the UNESCO.

SALVADOR MORENO  is today known, liked and ADMIRED, and enjoys the benefits, Prestige and Sterling Reputation as an Architect & Realtor.


San Miguel de Allende


Architect SALVADOR  MORENO, received his degree in Architecture at the University of Guanajuato graduating with honors in 1976 and ever since applying his ample knowledge and great skills in designing and constructing homes and buildings in several areas of San Miguel, Aguascalientes, Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, and in some of the newest housing developments now growing in San Miguel. 

He also for five years was a Professor of Architecture at our local Preparatory School Instituto Las Casas “Santo Domingo” helping the formation of future creative professionals.

Architect SALVADOR ERNESTO MORENO,  met a lovely lady and married her creating thusly a solid family of three beautiful daughters and three smart sons.  MARIA DOLORES BARRERA GONZALEZ is his wife and mother of his intelligent children:

RUBI LUCERO, the firstborn, now a brand new Doctor with speciality in Medical Radiology, REY SALVADOR, Engineer in Computing Systems, CHRIST ANGEL ERNESTO, also an Engineer in Computing Systems, ALMA GUADALUPE, Marketing research and ABC Real Estate Broker, DAVID MOISES an ABC Real Estate Broker & Master Web Developer and MARIA DOLORES AZUCENA a Public Accountant .

The last four currently working in  ABC REALTY  &  SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE REAL ESTATE.


San Miguel de Allende Panoramica


SALVADOR  MORENO, Architect,  is a member of the: "FCARM" FEDERAL COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTS IN MEXICO ® and of "ARMAC" REVOLUTIONARY ARCHITECTS OF MEXICO A. C. ®.  Architect SALVADOR MORENO, was a President of "ARMAC" for several years in San Miguel de Allende.


Architect SALVADOR MORENO, was President of Asesores Inmobiliarios Del Bajio Chapter San Miguel, (A Real Estate Association for the State of Guanajuato) 3 years prior to "AMPI"; which is the National Association of Professional Realtors in Mexican Republic.

Architect SALVADOR  MORENO, was President of "AMPI SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE" Chapter in 1995, since then has been reelected all times until 2009 that he was in that position again.   On 2010 he left that honor, in order to dedicate all his time, principally to his Family. And time and knowledge to his own Premium Development  "HACIENDAS DE SAN MIGUEL"

And his Successful Real Estate Firms with Immaculate and Sterling Reputation which are now Celebrating 4 Decades and a Half, with you: ABC REALTY  and  SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE REAL ESTATE  or  "SMARE"



During latter part of 1976,  ABC REALTY  and  SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE REAL ESTATE were initiated by Architect SALVADOR  MORENO.

His knowledge, honesty, creativity and charming personality have made it a very successful enterprise.  A = Arquitectura = Architecture,  B = Bienes Raices = Real Estate  &  C = Construccion = Construction. 

Today ABC REALTY  and  SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE REAL ESTATE are the Oldest Real Estate Firms in San Miguel de Allende.  Also the most Prestigious, Professional & Successful.

ABC REALTY  and  "SMARE" as the the most Prestigious in its field has a list of available properties, the most complete in San Miguel. Before listing a property, we visit it selecting carefully what we offer allowing us to show you only the best that is in the market.

"44" YEARS, of Quality Service and Professional Experience, are the Foundation for which this Dynamic Mexican Team is well known and respected." 



When you choose  ABC REALTY  or  SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE REAL ESTATE  you have chosen a complete work team.   We have established working relationships with notaries, appraisers, bank officials, experienced people involved in the transaction of buying / selling Real Estate.

ABC REALTY  and  "SMARE", primary interest is to give service with responsibility and a code of ethics to our clients, to help them through what may be a difficult process: buying or selling a home. 

Our aim is to become a valued advisor and a hard working partner.  We like to get to know our clients, their lifestyle, their goals in order to assist them, NOT influencing in their decision making process.




Homeownership represents a large investment and ABC REALTY & SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE REAL ESTATE are committed to providing our clients with professional and personalized service. While utilizing modern technology, we still provide “Personal Touch”.

Whether you are in the market as a buyer or a seller, you might be sure that we would go beyond the expected to deliver the highest quality service to attend to your needs, taste and satisfaction without any waste of time.

Most of all ABC REALTY  &  "SMARE"  have a fully bilingual staff,  friendly, respectful, competent and reliable.  In brief:  We are TOTALLY PROFESSIONALS ! ! !

Thousands of Satisfied customers can't be wrong and have chosen  SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE REAL ESTATE  &  ABC REALTY  

Why not being the next one ?

We were all born in "MEXICO" and we are a 100%  Mexican Citizens Team, offering you a  WORLD  CLASS SERVICE.

Architect SALVADOR MORENO, cordially wishes to serve you and hopes you come to us very soon to receive our best professional and friendly attention.



Over-40-years-with -you 



Oratorio de San Miguel de Allende

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